“Don't follow your passion, bring it with you wherever you go.”


Jared Herzog

I always wanted to be a pilot.

And at 17, flight school was exactly the adventure I wanted. Flying into the sunset, nearly crashing from an engine malfunction, passing out mid-flight when an instructor purposely stalled our little Cessna—I loved it. But deep down I yearned to explore a more creative major. So I learned guitar, wrote an album or two and spent some years marketing a band, Scale the Sky (a little on the nose, I know). I then decided to pursue art, entering the Communication Design program at UNT where I learned the in-depth fundamentals of design and how to take some pretty dang harsh criticism. I soon realized stick-figures would never earn an art degree, so I entered Journalism—thus, finally, stumbling upon my soul passion. The art of the word. The molding of stories. Even attaining the coveted rank of “grammar-nazi” in my social circle—and it felt right.

Now I’m a copywriter. And though I haven’t had any brushes with death lately, I’m still holding on for dear life.

I also update a blog, flap my gums on a podcast, write sappy songs, and make documentaries.

I love to wear many hats. If only I had more heads to wear them.